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The perfect way to repair most plastic products!

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🛒Order yours here➔


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Michel T.

I ordered this product because my car's rear bumper was cracked. I was able to repair it easily myself rather than having to take my car to the bodybuilder. I am really happy with my purchase.

Dorian T.

I was amazed at how well this product worked. My Sheep Haybell, a plastic cover designed to fit a standard round bale, cracked and broke after being transported from field to field. I managed to fix everything with this amazing tool. At first I thought it would never work, but that's what I did. Now I hope I have more things to fix because it was very satisfying to fix with this item :)

Epiphane O.

It does its job perfectly. It heats up very quickly and becomes very firm. I managed to quickly weld this broken portion of my plastic in 5 minutes. Really great